One Sneaky Way to Save Money for Your Walt Disney World Vacation

Denise   May 12, 2016   Comments Off on One Sneaky Way to Save Money for Your Walt Disney World Vacation

Disney Scrooge McDuckAs a habitual visitor to the Walt Disney World Resort, I’m always looking to schedule my next fix. Usually, what stands between me and the Happiest Place on Earth is money! So over the years, I’ve developed some effective methods for padding the bank account so we can regularly travel to the parks. And I’m pretty sure this is the most frequent question I’m asked once someone discovers how often our family travels to the Walt Disney World Resort.

Look to the right. That’s right, see that picture of the Cinderella Castle? Yes? That’s your magic portal to my eBook, Ten Sneaky Ways to Save for Your Walt Disney World Resort Vacation. And it’s FREE !

Today I’m going give you a sneak peek at what’s inside. Here’s Sneaky Way to Save #1:

Disney Vacation Account

The Walt Disney World Company recognizes that that a magical vacation requires magical pocketbooks! To help address that need, they’ve established the Disney Vacation Account program. Essentially, the account functions like a bank-sponsored vacation club, Christmas club or other savings club. But because it’s Disney—there’s a bit of added pixie dust!

Here’s how it works. The first step is to use the handy budget estimator tool so you can price your dream vacation. Once that’s done, it’s time to devise your savings plan. You can tailor this to your own timeframe—you can go as far out as five years to save for your trip! They offer some pretty nifty goal tracking features to help keep you motivated. Set up automatic contributions with your debit card (or credit card), and schedule these contributions to be taken out at your convenience. You can also make “instant” contributions at any time—for example, your income tax return or bonus check. There are no fees to take advantage of this service and your money can be refunded to you at any time!

While all of this is quite convenient in setting up a dedicated Disney savings plan, here’s the real benefit. When it comes time to book (and pay for) your vacation, you’re eligible to receive a $20 Disney Gift Card for every $1,000 you spend on your vacation. Basically, you receive 2% interest in the form of souvenir and incidental cash to be used while at Walt Disney World. While that may not sound like a lot to some— it’s nothing to sneeze at and there are ways to optimize this program when combined with other strategies that I outline below.

A Disney Vacation Account is the cornerstone for all my other Sneaky Ways to Save methods. The other nine points in the eBook work to maximize the benefits available through a Disney Vacation Club account. Of course, if you use them without a Disney Vacation Account, it’s still money in your pocket. However, the more pixie dust the better so that’s why I build off these benefits.

Want to see more? Do you too want to speed along your next trip to Mickey’s house? Well then, sign up above and you’ll get instant access to Ten Sneaky Ways to Save for Your Walt Disney World Resort Vacation. After you read it, let me know if you have a great way to save that I haven’t thought of yet. I’d love to hear your thoughts. After all, more money saved means more Disney!