runDisney Virtual Running Shorts 5k Series – Will Sweat for Mickey!

Denise   April 28, 2016   Comments Off on runDisney Virtual Running Shorts 5k Series – Will Sweat for Mickey!

Disney Virtual Running Shorts 5k Yellow-Shoes-MedalSince this isn’t television, let me explain something about myself straight away. My body type is more like Winnie the Pooh than Jessica Rabbit. I tell you that so you will understand the true power Mickey Mouse holds over me.

There are several excuses reasons why my clothing can fit a hunny-loving bear instead of a citizen of Pixie Hollow, but one critical justification reality is that I hate to sweat. Period. But nonetheless, I know I need to improve my health to help ensure a long healthy life for me and my family—not to mention making many more trips to Walt Disney World.  But head knowledge was not translating into body movement. That is, until I discovered runDisney.

Back in the day, say three years or so ago, I discovered that I could justify a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort if I committed to training and completing a runDisney 5K. It was a wonderful motivation! In fact, I have actually crossed six finish lines and have the medals to prove it! Yes, there was sweat involved– buckets of it– but my pal Mickey was there to cheer me on.

Sad to say, I am no longer in 5K shape. But again, runDisney to the rescue!

runDisney Virtual Running Shorts Series

runDisney has recently announced a new series of virtual 5k’s that can be done from the comfort of your neighborhood! While nothing can compare to running through Cinderella Castle at an actual runDisney event, this is a great way to bring the magic of Disney to bear on my fitness goals.

This new runDisney event is actually a series of three virtual 5K’s. You can run 1, 2 or all three of these virtual events and will receive an awesome medal for each race (see example posted at the beginning of this post). BUT– if you run all three 5K’s within the prescribed timeframes, you’ll receive a fourth medal to commemorate conquering the entire series. Here are the details for the three races:

  • runDisney Virtual Running Shorts – Yellow Shoes (May 15 – June 1, 2016)
  • runDisney Virtual Running Shorts – Red Pants (June 5 – June 18, 2016)
  • runDisney Virtual Running Shorts – White Glove (June 19 – June 30, 2016)

For each race, participants will receive a Digital Race Bib and a Commemorative Finisher Medal if the race is finished within the scheduled time frames.

Complete all four, and you’ll receive a special Mickey Series Finisher Medal to match your Commemorative Yellow Shoes, Red Pants and White Gove Individual Finisher Medals. You’ll also receive what’s described as a Mickey Tumbler.

Each race fee is $39, and $142 to register for all three, including the extra medal and other entitlements.

Here’s the link for runDisney’s Official Details and Rules.

Why Am I Running Mickey’s Virtual Shorts 5k Series?

  • I NEED those four medals to add to my collection.
  • What I really need is to better my health and physical stamina.
  • Participation can benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
  • Running 9.3 miles in three 3.1 mile installments over the course of six weeks will not kill me.  No matter how I may feel to the contrary.
  • This is so flexible!  I can run anywhere, anytime as long as I complete the races within the scheduled time frames.  Since summer in the Carolinas is a scorcher, I plan to binge watch Netflix while I train and run the races on my home treadmill. Air conditioning is a good thing for someone who is allergic to sweat.


I’ll be periodically posting my progress and thoughts on the runDisney Virtual Running Shorts Series.  I would love it if you could encourage me through this process– since, you know, I’m gonna have to sweat.  Head over to and “Like” the A Disneyfied Life Facebook page for regular updates.  You can also find me on Twitter @MamaLovesDisney and ADisneyfiedLife on Instagram.

Is anyone else planning to participate? If so, leave a comment below. It would be fun to do this together!