The Mouseketeer Manifesto

Disney Planner Image 31

With all the ugliness in this world and more pressing issues of the day, why would something as juvenile as Walt Disney World compel me to toss my Mickey Ears into the vast blogosphere?  What makes me think that this topic is so important that I should devote hard-to-come-by time to extol the virtues of a kids’ vacation destination?  You would think that the eye-rolls and thinly veiled judgement from friends and acquaintances would dissuade me from shouting my obsession from the castle-top.  But you see, for me, Walt Disney World is so much more than a high-priced tourist trap.

It began innocently enough.  My husband and my two kids, then ages 4 and 6, headed to Walt Disney World with sisters, nieces and cousins to Walt Disney World.  I had grown up a Disney kid, but hadn’t been to one of the parks for over 20 years.  My husband had never been and my kids only knew of the parks from what they’d seen on Disney Channel Junior.  I have often wondered if my husband would have agreed to this vacation had he any idea of the passion this single trip would ignite inside me.


That trip took place more than ten years ago.  Do you have any idea how often stories from that trip still get trotted out at every family gathering?  Far too often if you ask my kids.  But you know what?  The laughter is just as hearty as it was on Day One.


I believe our society has evolved into a collection of islands.  While families may live all under one roof, screen time has replaced dinner time.  These days it is much easier to communicate through keyboards than it is to meet over a water cooler.  Not that long ago, face time meant sitting across the table from someone, not dialing them up on a phone app.  And apples were for eating!


Walt Disney World vacations strip that all away.  The tales as old as time unite the generations.  Moms and Dads who made memories with their own parents bring their children to recapture that lightning in a bottle.  Walt Disney said that he didn’t want the public to see the world they lived in while they were inside the park.  He wanted them to feel like they were in another world.  As far as I am concerned, that’s the true magic of Disney.


Walt Disney World embodies the spirit of optimism and that there really is a great big beautiful tomorrow.  We are reminded that there is power in a dream and the work it takes to make it come true.  It’s a place where reality can be suspended and we can focus on the important people in our lives.  That’s why our family invests our vacation time and budget into visiting the Most Magical Place on Earth at least once every year.


Remember the ugliness and pressing matters of the day I mentioned above?  I believe Walt Disney World represents the antidote.  I believe that if we can harness the spirit of that famous mouse into our everyday lives, we would be better off for it.  Walt said it best.  “That’s the real trouble with the world.  Too many people grow up.”


I encourage each and every person to save their pennies until they can experience this for themselves.  Although, I do admit you’ll get there a whole lot faster if you save your dollars instead!